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The province of Modena is located in the region of Emilia Romagna lying along the Padana Plain between the Secchia and the Panaro rivers. The city of Modena, along with being an Episcopal seat, is known as the " land of engines " because it is home to some of the most important and most famous Italian car manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Maserati and Pagani. The city's altitude is 34 meters above sea level and its population is 184.663 inhabitants.





The city center is graced with two towers - the  "Clock Tower" and the "Ghirlandina" - which together with the adjacent Cathedral have been named a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Modena's History began back in the Roman Era then, after the Este family lost their reign of Ferrara in 1598. It became the ducal capital for the following two and half centuries. The city - known as Mòdna in the local dialect - is also famous for its food and drink, in particular, Lambrusco wine, tortellini (pasta), zampone ( stuffed pig's trotter) and traditional balsamic vinegar.